actually problem in set limits when I try to send some information from text field :

declare @sql varchar(255)
select @sql = 'SET TEXTSIZE 1000000 select text_field from my_database..tt_table (nolock)'

exec master..xp_sendmail '', 'message', @sql, 'file.rtf', '', '', 'subject', '', 'true', 'false', 'true', 1000000

when I execute this example, I receive only first 64 Kb of saving data in column "text_field"
I read about DB Library variables (DBTEXTLIMIT and DBTEXTSIZE), but I run it query in Enterprise Manager (or as Job (Sheduled Tasks)).

So I don't understand at what place I can increase value of DBvalues ...

I was trying to find so variables in MS SQL Server Setup - without success
I was trying to find in MS Windows Registry - without success
and now I am at a loss ...

please, possible you decide so trouble - help me, please
P.S. current version of SQL Server is 6.5 + MS Windows NT 4.0