I am working in VB6 on a SQL2000i database. I have built a SQL statement that returns a -2147217900(80040e14) Invalid Date, Time or Timestamp Value error. The SQL is as follows:

Appointments WHERE record_id NOT IN (SELECT appt_id FROM PrintedChargeSlips) AND date >= '04/18/2003' AND date <= '04/18/2003' AND start_time >= '08:00:00 AM' AND start_time <= '05:30:00 PM' AND status = '101' AND (resource_id = '20020228125543420208CyCare' Or resource_id = '20030210110649260798sysadm' Or resource_id= '20030210110709690799sysadm')

The date and time fields are Date and Time types respectively, the values in my SQL look like the values in the database.

Thank you.