Database Workshop is powerful tool intended for professional work with databases and has ample opportunities of their processing and the analysis. Due to technology of the connected modules executed as standard 32 digit libraries Windows, it has an opportunity of support of not limited amount databases and a high degree of expansibility of opportunities that does by its irreplaceable tool for users and developers.

Version 5.12 features
- Supports MySql, InterBase, Paradox, dBase & Clarion
- New plug-in oriented technology for database access
- File manager - search of your table takes seconds!
- New sql-editor with query history
- Memo fields editor
- Administration tools
- A lot of new wizards for working with database
... and much more!

Other program features

Easy database object management:
- Creating / Dropping database
- Creating / Dropping / Alering tables
- Creating / Dropping constraints and indices
- Support of all field types (including BLOBs)
- Viewing / Editing data in tables
- Administering users and their privileges

Rapid database management and navigation
- Multiple database connections
- Registering/Unregistering databases for working with the required databases only
- Importing database registering information from BDE
- Easy-to-use data exporting and importing between tables

SQL processing and watching tools
- Multiple SQL Editors
- Script Executing (SQL Script Editor)
- SQL Monitor
- History of executed scripts

Powerful data manipulation tools
- Export tables wizard
- Backup tables wizard
- Restore tables wizard
- Service wizard - useful tool for tables processing
- Export data to 6 popular formats (Excel, Word, HTML, XML, dBase, Paradox)

And some other useful features:
- Customizable program options: windows, fonts, grid colors, etc
- Customizable editors: custom colors, fonts etc.
- Multilanguage interface

The latest version is always available for downloading from Degisy web page at: