I have a problem with simple query on PSQL. I have a simple 2 columns table "test" which has 100 000 rows. First col. is "cislo" second "suma", the 1. row is: cislo=1 suma=1; 2. row is cislo=2 suma=2 and so on. In P SQL Data Manager I wrote query:

" SELECT SUM (cislo) AS spolu FROM test ".

This query run 52-53sec. In mine it is very slow, MS SQL is fastest.

Is problem in query, PSQL, my or in all?

Results are independent from server OS. I test it on Linux, W2000, Novel versions with SP4. When I wrote simple aplic in Magic8.30 (which use Btrieve API) on same table, same servers, the result is in 15sec.

Thanks and sorry for my english...