Hope you can help.

I've created a VB6 project which runs a number of Crystal reports.
One of the reports has a number of formulas, some work OK and others don't.
One of the formulas that doesn't work is: StoreNumberVar ("Fill Weight",Sum ({DEV_FORM_CERTIFICATE_V.MG_CAPSULE}))
When running the project from my PC it runs OK.
If I run it from a test PC it gives me the following error: 20515 - Error in formula <...> The remaining text does not appear to be part of the formula.
If I change the formula to: Sum ({DEV_FORM_CERTIFICATE_V.MG_CAPSULE}) it runs OK.

Taking the advice from another thread, I reset the report like: Me.CrystalReport1.Reset, but it did not work.

I apreciate this may be more of a Crystal Reports issue, but I thought someone might have come up with this before.

Any ideas?