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    Unanswered: sql server - windows - help needed


    I am new to sql server and I am learning sql server. I am a Sybase DBA and need some help on windows since I am new to windows ( used only as my desktop so far).

    I would like to try everything what is there in SQL Server. I like a product verymuch, everything is in place, nice online docs too. I like to try log shipping , replication, link server mainly.

    question is I do not have network , I have 1 machine , am I able to try everything on one machine, I know I can install multiple instanceses of sql 2000 on one machine. so that should not be problem to try log shipping, and replication but question is do I need to have my server as a domain controller or just a windows 2000 server as a workgroup will do.

    Expert's help Appreciate in advance.

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    When dealing with replication and such between multiple machines, a domain is handy so that authentication is easier since the IDs are shared. But since you are going to be testing things entirely on one machine, this should not be an issue, since you can use local machine logins instead of domain logins. Either way, your server would not need to be a domain controller. It would just be easier if the server were a member of a domain if you were testing with multiple servers.

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    You have plenty of web resources to get to know about SQL Server and experiment whatever you want.

    Refer to SQL Performance website and books online which is a first hand help for any information.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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