Access XP, a form has a subform which has totals in the footer. The main form's footer has fields which are set = the subform's total fields. On my W2k machine, both sets of subtotals always display fine. On my client's WXP machines, if I click on a button in the subform which changes the recordsource of the subform (actually just changing the criteria for the records which display) the new set of records appear, BUT THE TOTALS DO NOT UPDATE. However, if you mouseclick on the top of the form and move it slightly, THE TOTALS THEN UPDATE! This is absolutely consistent on the XP machines. It NEVER happens on the 2k machine. The same version of Access is running both places, SP2.

A paid call to MS resulted in a recommendation to do a SendKeys "{F9}" after clicking on the button which changes the criteria. This worked for a while, and then stopped working.

I have done a compact and repair, and have also rebuilt the forms from scratch. Same results.