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    Unanswered: index rebuild

    What if I am rebuilding the index for deleted row entries & not for storage or ts. Than how will I check the status if the index is rebuild. Why the status in dba_indexes remains same (i.e, as when you analyzed the index) even after rebuilding it.

    When the STATUS will be UNUSABLE in the dba_indexes.

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    One of the case when index becomes unusable is when you move the table from one tablespace to another. In such cases All the indexes of that tables becomes UNUSABLE.

    You need to rebuild the indexes in such case.


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    First you query the DBA_INDEXES, then the DBA_OBJECTS. You will see the current index status and when was last rebuilt:

    SQL> SELECT status FROM dba_indexes WHERE owner = ' ';

    SQL> SELECT last_ddl_time FROM dba_objects WHERE object_type = 'INDEX' ADN owner = ' ';

    Hope that helps,

    clio_usa - OCP - DBA

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