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    Unanswered: Module Not Found? - PLEASE HELP!

    Hi guys, I'm in desperate need of help!
    I'm doing A Level ICT and in which we have to create a database for a business.

    I was just finalising mine, when Microsoft Access (which we use to do this) crashed! Windows made a backup copy though.

    When I looked at my usual databases size, it had gone down from 17mb to 1.4mb! When I noticed the backup file was still 17mb I thought "Phew" but the database no longer functions as it used to.

    It appears that all my tables, forms, reports etc. are all still there and fine. But all the buttons on the forms which link between the forms no longer work. When I click any of them an error message comes up with the title 'Microsoft Visual Basic' and reads: 'Module not found'.

    I have no experience atall with Visual Basic so therefore dont know what the hell that means.

    It would be eternally grateful for ANY help?

    Thanks alot in advance.

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    Re: Module Not Found? - PLEASE HELP!

    This sometimes happens when access crashes!

    Fristly, go into the db that is not working correctly and goto Tools > Options and check "view hidden objects" box if unchecked.
    Then, create a new database in access. Go to File > Get Extrenal Data > Import. Select everything in each of the sections (tables, forms ... modules). Also if you have any custom toolbars then you need to click options and check the box with import menus and toolbars.

    Hopefully it should all work now.

    If not, try Tools > Database Utilities > Compact and Repaire Database. You can try this on either the old db (although make a backup copy first) and on the new one you have just created.

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