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    Question TRIM function erroring in Access2000

    Access97 database converted to 2000 and TRIM function is erroring out. 'Compile Error - Can't find project or library'.

    When I click on 'OK' points me to a 'VB Application Extensibility 5.3' checkbox. Have installed Access2000 with all libraries/add-ins.
    Any particular library file required ?

    Tried MID, LEFT, RIGHT etc also returning same error.
    Appreciate your help!

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    You are missing a reference library. It could be installed but you need to reference it in this particular Access File.

    Open any module.

    In the VBA Editor Click Tools, References

    Make sure that the following are checked

    Visual Basic For Applications
    Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library
    OLE Automation
    Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensiblitiy
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    this can be problem of ADO. If you create accesss2000 MDB on computer with different ADO, you can get weird messages about basic VB functions.... install newest ADO and JET service packs (separate download) from, then create new MDB and import all objects from old MDB.... it should fix it


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    Talking Great suggestions ! Problem solved

    Thanks you both for your help !
    To begin with a reference file 'icmfilter 1.0 Type Library' pointing to location c:\win \ system directory was missing. Once I added it
    the program compile was successfull and program ran w/o any errors.
    Also I did the conversion onto a latest version of Access2000 with all service packs.

    This reference file icmfilter.dll does not seem to be a part of Windows2000 or Access2000 setup and also doesn't have to be present
    in the ...\system folder. As long as its in the application folder works ok. Need to do some research on this dll perhaps it is required for Extra Attachmate (emulation app) that this program launches. Inheritance comes at a cost I guess.

    For now the program is up and running and powers to be are happy.
    Thanks so much. Have a nice day/evening.

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