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    Unanswered: vb6 and mysql for winamp plugin

    Hi, I'm making a vb6 application as a sort of plugin for winamp. It finds the lyrics to the song using the titles of the song. The user is able to add songs to a MySQL database and the program also checks the database for the songs lyrics before it uses google to find the lyrics.

    I have managed to set it all up nicely on my computer using MyODBC drivers and ADO connection strings. Now I want to be able to give this program out but don't want them to have to install myODBC drivers and such.

    I couldn't even get it working on other peoples computers if i installed myODBC. I'm just wondering if theres a better way to do it?


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    well is your MySQL server public?? Because everyone will have to install MySQL on there computer then. As for the connection you can get by without MyODBC, look for libmysql.dll on the net, it's a library that let you connect to MySQL without ODBC access.

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