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    Question Unanswered: Operating system error 112(There is not enough space on the disk.).


    While backing a SQL database onto another system after mapping the drive I get this error saying "Operating system error 112(There is not enough space on the disk.)..". There's a lot of space on the Destination server.

    But when I back it up onto the same machine the backup's successfull.

    I'm not even able to copy and paste the backed up file onto another machine. can someone help me out on this

    The size of the DB is 5GB. Is it the problem with the size??

    Thankyou For answering Satya and Loach...

    I'm logged in with Sa user on the server and also logged on in administrative mode on both the machines (source and destination servers)

    I think I've not communicated clearly I'll try and put in my query more eloborately.

    1. We have a server which hosts the SQL server and the Database X installed on it. The size of the database when backedup is around 5 GB.

    2. We have a backup server which has all the backed up files.

    3. I've scheduled the backup using the SQL server agent (Scheduled in Sa user mode).

    4. I've created a folder by name DB backup on the backup server and I've assigned access rights to it for administrator user.

    5. I've mapped the DB backup folder as a network drive to the Server.

    6. Now since DB backup folder acts as a drive in the actual server I scheduled the backup into that folder.

    This Process worked successfully earlier, but then the size of the database was relatively smaller actually very small. That's one of the reason why I asked you earlier whether it was a problem with the size.

    One thing is for sure In this process which I'm following I've logged on everywhere with administrative privilages.

    Thanks for your co-operation once again.
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    What account is used for SQL Server services (MSSQLSErver & SQLAgent)?
    Use Domain account with ADMIN Privileges and try backup.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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    Satya is correct.

    Make sure the account has admin privelges on your SQL Server and the permissions necessary to write to the destination folder. It is not necessary, however, for the account to be a domain admin.

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    You may also want to make sure there is no Quotas set up across your network or on the machine you are trying to access. Your Network Admin may be blocking your transfer just because of the size. If Windows is set yo stop the transfer over a certain size or bandwidth then SQL Server will report out of space even when you aren't

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