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    Unanswered: when will the Checkpoint happens?

    when will the Checkpoint happens?

    Full database backup?
    Transaction Log backup?

    How to setup truncate log on checkpoint?



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    At various levels CHECKPOINT occurs :

    - any changes made to database with ALTER DATABASE for any option updation
    - SQL services are refreshed
    - active portion of the log exceeds the size that the server could recover in the amount of time specified in the recovery interval server configuration option.
    -if the database is in log truncate mode and the log becomes 70 percent full
    - If the database model is set to SIMPLE and same as 'Trunc.log at chkpt.' in verson 7.
    - when BACKUP LOG statement is issued.

    Choose the properties of the database and goto Options.

    Refer to books online for more information.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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