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    Unanswered: MsgBox Based on Text Box Value

    I need to know how to display a message whenever the value of a bounded Text Box (Enabled = No) on a form is ZERO when navigating. Thanks.

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    You need to use a Null value

    try something like

    If txtBox1 = Null Then

    Function ErrorMessageBox()

    Call SaveAssistantSettings

    With Assistant
    .On = True
    .Visible = True
    .Animation = msoAnimationGestureLeft
    With .NewBalloon
    .Heading = "Need Imput!"
    .Icon = msoIconAlertWarning
    .Text = "At a minium, you need to complete values for line one."
    .Button = msoButtonSetOK
    If .Show = msoBalloonButtonCancel Then
    MsgBox "Sorry, you need to complete at least one line!", _
    vbExclamation, "Null Value!"
    End If
    End With
    End With

    Call RestoreAssistantSettings

    End Function

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