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    Unhappy Unanswered: Graph per Detail in a grouped report

    Hello all!

    I was wondering if any of you could help me build a graph on a GROUPED report.

    This is the data (result of a query) (a more legible version in the bitmap I included!)

    Description Week Preventief Interventie
    Counterbalance Truck 16 0.22
    Counterbalance Truck 17 0.04 0.45
    Counterbalance Truck 18 0
    Narrow Aisle Stacker 16 0.2
    Narrow Aisle Stacker 17 0.04 0.29
    Picking Truck 16 0.06 0.02
    Picking Truck 17 0.1 0.46
    Picking Truck 18 0.06 0.01
    Reach Truck 18 0.02

    I built a report, grouped per type of truck (each time a new page), showing the number of hours spent in pre-emptive maintenance and on interventions, per week.

    This works perfectly. But now I would like to show a graph per type of truck. So I created a graph, indicating Week as axis, Preventief and Interventie as data, and left the series field blank. Then I indicated that I want to link the graph and the report based on the Description-field.

    this works fine ... almost ...

    For some strange reason, the graph displays correctly only for some of the trucks!!!

    Any ideas on how to solve this are more than welcome!



    P.S. could it be that the reason is that the field Description is not part of the Row Source of the graph (Only guessing here). If so, how do I add it?
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    Cause (and possibly solution) :


    (P.S. How come I keep running into each and every bug Microsoft has ever programmed?????????)

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