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    Unanswered: SQL0101N The statement is too long or too complex

    I'm getting the error message "SQL0101N The statement is too long or too complex. SQLSTATE=54001" when i'm deleting all the data from a parent table which is referenced by some 120 child tables in a EEE environment on a non-partitioned database.
    When I increase the size of the STMTHEAP to some greater value, it starts giving the error message "SQL1223N An agent could not be started to service this request."
    What's the solution ? The same database setup works fine in EE environment
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    When working with this parm and making it larger you must also adjust the following parms. I would make the APPLHEAPSZ about 50% larger and then make your PCKCACHESZ 2 time larger. Increment those 2 until you problem go's away. You will also need to adjust FCM_NUM_RQB up also increase this so it about the same size a APPLHEAPSZ.

    APPLHEAPSZ (Database parameter)
    FCM_NUM_RQB (Database manager parameter)

    PCKCACHESZ (Database parameter)

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