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    Question Unanswered: Data compression

    I'm a mainframer trying to get by in the Linux world....
    Is there a way to turn "data compression" on in DB2 UDB V.8.1 (running on Linux using RAID-5 disks)... We have a good sized table and mainframe compression saved us about 70% of total space....

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction -

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    Re: Data compression

    Hi Rick,

    Im not really sure, but I dont think, that there is a data compression on LINUX. Since usually Mainframes have a data compression unit DB2 is relying on, they use it and "emulate" it in case it is not available.
    On INTEL-platforms I do not know even one such a hardware compression and, since hard disk space is not a bottleneck anymore, they would have to emulate it allways....

    Bye Ingo

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