I am new to db creation, so apologies if this is immediately obvious.

I am using a Jet OBDC object to get data from an access database for word documents (to populate various docvariables), using sql queries. Another database on our network contains a list of file numbers, continually updated by various users, that I want to replicate (ie I want the same list in my database). I can't simply place my tables inside the other database and use the same field, as the security settings on that database (which I can't persuade them to change) don't allow my OBDC object to open.

However, I don't want to have to manually enter them twice as
(1) it would be annoying and
(2) I REALLY need the list of file numbers in my table/database to be the same as that in the other database, or we will be issuing documents to the wrong people.

Any ideas?