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    Unanswered: SQL Server and DB2 database data type problems...

    Hi Friends,
    I am a newbie to db2 database. I am trying to write some fields from tables from SQL Server 2000 database to db2 database using ADO.NET.

    There seems to be a problem in writing to a db2 column whose datatype is a fixedpoint datatype (Example (10.3)).
    The column in SQL corresponds to a float datatype of 8 bytes. I tried changing the datatype on SQL2000 side to integer,decimal,double,short infact all the numeric combinations. But all the time I am getting an
    error message in ADO.NET which says this data doesn't seem to be compatible with a column in db2.

    I can't change the datatype on db2 side. Can anybody help me out??

    This is the exact error message...

    "ERROR [HY000] [IBM][Client Access Express ODBC Driver (32-bit)][DB2/400 SQL]SQL0408 - Value for column or variable QPIEC not compatible. "


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    Hi friends,
    I got this thing done..Just use Cast function in SQL statements.

    Thanks for your attention.

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