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    Unanswered: letter or legal size

    Is there any way to lock in the page size of a form or report in Access97. It always seems as though when I distribute the front end of the database to my users it doesn't keep the legal size setting.

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    Function to print

    try calling a function like:

    Function ReportPrint()
    Dim rpt As Report
    Dim prtNew As Printer

    ' Opens the report in Print Preview.
    DoCmd.OpenReport ReportName:="rptTotal", View:=acViewPreview

    ' Initialize rpt variable.
    Set rpt = Reports!rptTotal

    ' Load the report's current printer settings
    ' into the prtNew variable.
    Set prtNew = rpt.Printer

    ' Change the report's Orientation & Paper property.
    prtNew.Orientation = acPRORLandscape
    prtNew.PaperSize = acPRPSLetter

    End Function

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