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    Unanswered: Displaying Query Counts in a Report

    I have a DB with multiple tables and over 100 queries. I would like to display the Query Counts in a report. For example, query A returns 200 records, query B 55 records, Query C 100 records, etc...

    I would like the report to look like this....
    Query A 200
    Query B 55
    Query C 100

    I don't need the actual records, just the counts.

    Now i've tried creating my text boxes and unbound controls, but i can't get the expression builder in the control source property to spit out the counts. I've tried building count queries on top of my data queries and plugging them in, but that still won't display in the report. What am i doing wrong?

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    first, i would create a query that would count the ID field (autonumber) field for the desired query. then, uses those number to generate a report.


    SELECT Count([qrySearch_byQuestion.ID]) AS RecordCount
    FROM qrySearch_byQuestion;


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