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    Unanswered: Update-anywhere Replication


    I'm trying to make an update-anywhere replication on DB2V7.1/Linux. The replication from source to target is ok, but from target to source is not working.
    The tables were configured with "Capture before image" and "Table will be used for update anywhere->Conflit detectiontantard".
    The replication subscription timing is continuous copying and the target and source databases are configured as LOGRETAIN ON. I haven't seen another configuration for "update-anywhere" and there's no message error, so I don't know what's wrong.
    Any advice will be appreciated.


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    We are using DB2 7.2 FP 8 on linux. and this is how I set up replication for update-anywhere replication.

    I strictly use the Control Center (on a Win 2k client) to set up the entire system.

    1) Define a table as a source.
    From the tables view, I right click on a table I want to define as a source.
    pick "Define as Replication Source -> Custom
    Check the box for "Table will be used for update anywhere" and make sure that either "Standard" or "Enhanced" conflict dectetion is selected.
    Then click on "OK"

    2) Goto "Replication Subscriptions" on the tree, highlight and right click.
    Select "Create"
    Enter the "Subscription Name", "Target Server", and "Apply Qualifier"
    Then click the "Add" button. Pick a table from the list of Sources defined in 1) above. press "Add". I have found that it is a good idea to only have one table per Subscription, so I press "Close" on the Add Dialog. Since you want Update-Anywhere, we need to do a few more things. First Hightlight the Table you just added so that the "Advanced" button becomes enabled. Press it. When the "Advance Subscription Definition" dialog comes up, select "Target table is replica" on the "Target Type" tab. Goto the "Target Columns" tab and check the
    row(s) that make up the primary key. If you want just a subset of the rows from the Source table going to the Target you enter that info on the "Rows" tab. (We do not do this, we want the entire table replicated).
    When you are done, press "OK".
    Then press the "Timimg" button. Set the timing to you desired setting on BOTH the "Source to Target" and Replica to Source" tabs. You might want to consider setting the value on the "Data Blocking" tab, but it is optional (read about it to determine if you need it). Then click on OK to close the Timing Dialog. You can then Click on OK to close the Subscription dialog. You will then get a dialog on where the Control Server is (I always pick the Source server for this, but it doesn't have to be. It should be the same place for all Subscriptions though.) I almost always pick "Run Now" and Press OK to finish the Subscription.

    Notes on defining Subscriptions: only put 1 table in a subscription.
    You can put many/all subscriptions in the same Apply Qualifier.

    3) the LOGRETAIN configuration parameter should be set to "Capture" on both Source and Target servers. Also you will need to configure each server to "see" the other server. This can be done in the Control Center run on the server, and add the entire server starting at the "Systems" on the tree.

    4) run Capture on the Source server

    5) run Capture on the Target server

    6) run Apply on the Target server



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    The update-anywhere is working right now. I haven't done one detail...
    Thanks very much for your help.


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