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    Unanswered: Normalized Data, Not

    My boss whats me to collect data in a way that will allow him to view it in a non-normalized view...

    name phone_type_1, sn_phone_type_1, phone_type_2, sn_phone_type_2, phone_type_3, sn_phone_type_3...

    He does NOT want...

    name, phone_type, sn_phone_type
    Bill ATT XX44YY
    Bill ATT QQ66TT
    Bill DELL 77JJ88

    So how can I collect the data in a normalized fashion, then display it in the format he desires? If possible I really didn't want to write code to step through the records splitting them up, Id like to use SQL.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    Re: Normalized Data, Not

    Collect it normalized like you want to. Then go like this:

    declare @foo varchar(8000)

    select @foo = coalesce (@foo + ',', '')
    + phone_type + ',' + sn_phone_type
    from persontable where name = 'Bill'

    select @foo

    or something like that.

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