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    Unanswered: Certification - 516 for DB administration for OS/390

    I have been working in Db2 in Mainframe for the past 3 years has application developer and analyst. I Have completed Certification 512 and now preparing for 516 (Database administarion for OS/390). But I don't have any hands on experince has a DBA ? So after completing 516 succesfuly, will it be able for me to work on DB2 database administration side ?

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    certification doesn't make a good DBA. It only shows that you know something about the tool/software. For the basic activities a DBA does, you'll have a basic knowledge. I would say, with the stuff you learn by preparing yourself for the test, you could start working as a "junior" DBA. There are many tasks you can do. But for the "hard" ones, you need years of experience, lot of pacience and very good eyes - for reading the manuals ;-)

    Rodney Krick

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