I have a C# program that access OLAP cubes in production environment,
this browser access cubes correctly on my development machines and on several users machines.

On two machines, when in code, I try to get informations about one dimension, I got an error.

On any of those two lines:
int iCount = oCubeDef.Dimensions.Count;
ADOMD.Dimension oDim=oCatalog.CubeDefs[sCName].Dimensions[sDName];

I got this error:

Message: The parameter is incorrect.
Source: Provider
StackTrace: at ADOMD.Dimensions.get_Item(Object Index)

I tried to write my code in different ways, using schemas... always the same results, it works on anyone machine including mine but even if I log onto this machine, that is in the same domain, I got this error.

Any ideas?? I'm quite desperate now...

Thanks for any help,
Claude Vernier