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    Unanswered: code for date prompt in query

    I'm currently using the following code in a query, in a date field to prompt for the beginning and end date:

    Between [Enter Starting Date] And [Enter Ending Date]

    Is there a way to put an input mask on the date prompts? I want to save my users from having to enter the "/".

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    Re: code for date prompt in query

    I believe there are great advantages to using forms rather than directly launching queries with input fields. Especially if the query is an update query. To answer your question I know of no way to do it directly in a query. However, you can place two fields on a form with input mask, validation, range, etc. code, and a query command button to do what you are attempting to do.

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    Use a form

    I agree, with a form you can control what the user enters or set the parmeters of the search. For example I have a form that as long as the user enters a valid date for a particular month the vba code will send the first and last dates of that month to the query in order to search of the information that I was looking for.

    Good Luck

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