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    Red face Unanswered: Creating a table

    When creating a table using "ORGANIZE BY(<column>, <column>)" - must these columns be unique? (I hope not-but doc is not clear).... What is the deference between this and PARTITIONING KEY?

    Will a Unique index be created on "PARTITIONING KEY" values?

    And finally, what is "USING HASHING" - how does it work?

    The documentation is a little thin on this - or I just didn't find the right information....

    Thanks in advance for the clarification!
    Rick - F.S.U.

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    If I understand these new concepts correctly then
    "organize by" is a way to cluster similar data together.
    Like if you did a reorg with an index.
    Pages of the table are stored in blocks size=extentsize
    and within a block all dimension values are equal.

    Partitioning keyes and using hashing applies to partitioned (multiple nodes) databases only. With hashing you randomly spread the data accross the available nodes.

    A partition key is not necessarily unique, since if you specify a primary key as partition key only the first column of that primary key will be used for partitioning.
    Anton Versteeg
    IBM Netherlands

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