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    Unhappy Unanswered: BLOB with SQL-Loader and Select ?

    Hello !

    I want to import Tables in Oracle with Oracle Loader.
    All Tables are allready imported except the one Table with
    5 BLOB entrys. The Data are stored 1 row per 1 line in a datafile
    separated with for example with a TAB.

    The line is to long for Oracle loader. I tryed to put simply text
    fpr BLOB data and it works. But thats not wat i want. Is there
    some function to tell the Oracle Loader how to deal with the
    BLOB data ?
    Other solutions ?
    Ideas ?

    I never handled with BLOB datas.

    Greetings Mueller.

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    Re: BLOB with SQL-Loader and Select ?

    I forgot one Question !

    When the BLOB data is loaded how can i select such i field
    to verify the result ? It would be enough to view the data
    in HEX.

    Greetings Mueller.

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