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    Unanswered: Terminal Server Causes "File Already In Use"

    We have an Access application that has been used in-house for a few years without problem. Recently the application was moved to Terminal Server and ALL remote users were given ReadOnly access to the directory and file share where the Access database is located. The database itself does NOT reside on Terminal Server. Remote users are now receive "File already in use" messages whenever more then one person tries to connect to the database. Internal users are not affected. The only differences internally is that a handful of people have Change permission and the remainder have ReadOnly. The internal users connect to the database directly rather then through Terminal Server.

    (1) Why is this message being received if the remote users connect to the db as ReadOnly?

    (2) How can we avoid this message?

    Thanks, Dave

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    We are suffering from this problem here. I think you have it for a different reason though. We think ours is to do with our Virus Check software locking the LDB file that access creates.

    Is it possible that because the users do not have write permissions Access cannot create/edit this LDB file?

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