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    Question Unanswered: HELP! Strange Error message with AccessXP

    I have never seen this one before and I can't seem to find any into on this. Please, any help with this problem will save my but! Here is the message:

    ************************************************** **********
    Microsoft Access cannot open this file

    The Internet Security Zone Manager is missing or not correctly installed and therefore the safety of this file cannot be verified.

    To address this problem, reinstall Microsoft Internet Explorer or the
    appropriate Office System Pack.

    ************************************************** **********

    Access cannot open any databases. Access cannot create new databases, just this message on the attempt.

    We have repeatedly installed Office SP1 and SP2 (both over the Internet and downloaded executables). We have updated using Windows Update. We have tried to uninstall and reinstall Access. We have tried a Detect and Repair. We have tried to uninstall IE6 and reinstall it. We have updated IE6. There were a few other things we have tried and nothing seems to fix this problem.

    There are small other misbehaviors like we cannot bring up the website
    Google, but we can get CNN.

    The computer was moved and the only thing temporarily protecting it is
    Windows XP Firewall on a static IP. Have we been hacked? Can someone suggest a solution of a few things to try?

    We really need you guys on this one ...


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    Sounds odd.

    If you've tried all that then I'd just format the whole thing and start again.

    REmeber to back up though...

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    ...Internet Security Zone Manager...
    smells like your firewall.

    i use linux-FW rather than xp-FW so i can't help you with config.


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    Well the issue is over for now. I just did a repair installation of XP and the issue went away. It just became apparent I could troubleshoot this thing for years. So I took the "somewhat easy" route towards a solution. Now if it happens again ...

    Thanks for everyones help and consideration

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