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    Question Unanswered: tempdb fill strategy

    Running SQL Server 2000 SP2 (8.00.718)
    on Windows 2000 Advanced Server 5.0.2195

    My tempdb database is on my SQL Server's local drive. The space on the local drive is no longer sufficient for my tempdb database. So I created another file (NDF) on my network on some other non-local disk.

    My problem is that SQL Server uses a 'proportional fill strategy' and uses both my MDF and NDF files simultaneously but I want it to first use all of my MDF and then to use my NDF file.

    Since SQL Server does not allow user defined filegroups with tempdb, I cannot put the NDF on another filegroup.

    Any idea how I can make SQL Server *not* use a 'proportional fill strategy' and instead use a sequential fill strategy.

    I basically want SQL Server to use the local disk as much as possible (for faster performance) before going to the network disk.


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    How about the hardware specs?
    May upgrade to SP3 for better performance overall.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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