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    Unanswered: GUI for Linux

    which free db2 tools (shell, gui, webfrontend) are available under linux, beside the db2-CLI (which has no readline support :-()?
    Editing queries in the db2-CLI is very awful.

    Any links, suggestions ??

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    You can use the Java-based Control Center, or rather, the Command Center. Or you can put your sql in a text file using vi then use the db2 command to execute it. Each sql statement can span several lines, but you will need to end each one with a specific terminator. The default is a semi-colon ";". When you use the db2 command, you use the -t option to show you want to use a teminator. For example, your sql.txt file could contain the following:

    connect to mysampdb;
    select name, address, city, state from employee
    where state='TX'
    order by city;

    The command to execute it is
    db2 -tvf sql.txt

    -v=verbose (echo script lines to screen as they are executed)
    -f=input from file.

    Hope this helps

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    Here are the DB2 UDB v8.1 GUI tool commands - not sure exactly whcih ones are not in v7. I know "Tack Center", "Health Center", "Replication Center" and maybe a few others are new.....

    DB2 GUI tool Command
    Control Center db2cc
    Command Center db2cmdctr
    Configuration Assistance db2ca
    Health Center db2hc
    Task Center db2tc
    Development Center db2dc
    Command Widow (CLP) db2cmd
    Journal db2journal
    Memory Visualizer db2memvis
    Information Center db2ic
    Replication Center db2rc

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