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    Unanswered: Appending Backedup data During Restore Process

    Dear All,

    Can i append new database backup to the existing data, while restoring the backedup database? If so give me the solution. I had backups for 30 days backup and trying to restore all these bckups..

    During the restore process, i had observed that the previsous data is getting deleted and new data is replaced on it (in the database). But i want to append the new data to the existing data.

    Note : The backup format that i had taken for all these 30 days is of Full Backup (not differential backup)

    Any solution(s) for the above stated....


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    Not possible using FULL BACKUP, you can use TLOG Backups to restore them on this server.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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