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    Unanswered: C++ dislpay and print registration info.

    hello everyone. i am supposed to create a program the display and print registration info. I dont even know how to start it. diane zak book sux.
    The price per person depends on the number company registers.

    Number of restraints Charge per person
    1-3 150
    4-9 100
    10 or more 90

    I am supposed to write psudocode for the repetion structure,
    Code the repetion structure, Initialize and update counters and accumulators, and finally nest repition structures.

    Can anyone tell me how to start this. Starting is always been a weekness in my class. Thanks for any help..

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    Re: C++ dislpay and print registration info.

    LOL - Diane Zak is a department head at College of DuPage, where I took VB. I wasn't too impressed with her VB book either. When the author is a department head, you can't deviate much from the course outline either.

    I don't know if I can help you, but I do know that you didn't give enough information about the problem. Need more details.

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