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    Unanswered: Stock Order Database


    I am designing a stock order database in Access.

    There are two relevant tables, The ‘ORDER’ table, which stores the orders, and the ‘ORDER DETAILS’, which stores the items in each order.

    An order may comprise of a large number of order details, and when these arrive from the supplier, the orders are grouped together into one large batch. Some orders may be completed from this batch and some may be only partially completed.

    My problem is concerned with providing the functionality for the end user to enter into the database that the order items have arrived. The ideal situation would be where the user could enter the number of the ORDER, which would be in the ORDER DETAILS table and then something could be built into the database to signal when the order was actually complete, because all the items in the order had arrived and had been checked in, or signal if the order was incomplete and how many items are outstanding.

    Would this be possible??

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    i'm not sure if i understand what you mean, so have i guessed right open the order form and play with the stock levels to test
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