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    Unanswered: problem in creating stored procedure

    I am trying to create Stored Procedure in DB2 database, through the C code. using DB2CLI calls, SQLPrepare(...) here the SQL statment contains "CREATE PROCEDURE" statements and then SQLExecute(...).

    I am able to create SP , even I tried deletion of it and recreation - working fine.
    but when I do database recreation it is failing to create SP until I say db2stop and db2start.
    "MSG:[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/SUN] SQL7032N SQL procedure "xxx" not created. Diagnostic file is "P1815500.log". SQLSTATE=42904"

    The file P1815500.log contains the following info:
    *** BIND /space/db2/db2inst1/sqllib/function/routine/sqlproc/IFAMRAV/RAVI/tmp/P1815500.sqc ***
    SQL1086C An operating system error "" occurred.

    I am working on solaris.
    I do not understand what is the OS error. Do we need to do any OS/DB2 settings for this?

    Satyam Computers,

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    I am experiencing a similar problem (in version 8.1). I working under the assumption that this will be resolved if I install the Application Development Client (its listed in the error message text). PLEASE, if you would be so kind, publish the resolution to this issue if you find it before I do, and I will do the same.

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