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    Hi, I have a main form that displays a users details. When the edit button is clicked a subform appears which has more info about the user the main form has a control that displays a PolicyNum the subform displays a record from the policy table where [policyNum.policy = policynum.user] however policynum can be edited on the user form which will update the user table but not the policy table or policy subform. How can I implement the change in the subform and the policy table? As you may have guessed I'm pretty new to this.
    Any help appreciated.


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    One approach to this might be to make the default value of the PolicyNum field on the subform equal the value in the parent form.

    This will not effect your view, but will affect the data entry.

    Can your query supporting your subform allow data entry?

    If it does then you could tell the subform to requery on an event from your main form.

    If there is no matching record and the query allows data entry you should end up with a subform displaying the policynum and awaiting data input.


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