I had MySQL 3.23.55 installed on win 2000.
As I learned using it with the Tutorial I had a message after using the
function. I don't exactly remember the message but I understood that to
use this function I must have later version.
I download MySQL 4.0.11a-gamma and begin to install it.
During the installation I first have the message :
unInstaller setup failed to initialize. You may not be able to uninstall
this product."
I press OK and then I have the second message :
"An error occurred during the move data process : -115
Component : Servers
File Group : Servers
File : C:\mysql\Readme"
I uninstalled the older version, I verify that all the MySQL previous
files were erased. I also used regclean to wash everywhere.
Nothing helps. I already have the same message.
I tried to re-install the older version. The same problem appears.
What to do?