Programmer/Analyst with experience in full lifecycle development of web and database applications. 12 years experience in designing and developing front and back-end applications. Most recent experience is in Actuate, Java, Oracle and JSP Web Development. Able to balance design concerns between the needs for rapid application development and long-term extensibility.


Software Development Lifecycle 8yrs, Oracle 7yrs, Java 2yrs, C++ 2yrs, Actuate 3yrs, VBA 2yrs, Oracle DBA 1yr, TeraData Database Server 2yrs, Access 95/97/2000 3yrs, Visual Basic 3yrs, BEA 1yr, Pro*C 1yr, PL/SQL 3yrs, Solaris Unix 3yrs, Windows 12yrs, JSPs/Servlets 1yr, HTML 1yr, ERWin 2yrs, ODBC 1yr, Eclipse IDE 1yr, MS SQL Server, Visio, OOD, OOA, JDBC, RUP, VSS, ADO, ClearCase, DOM, XML, JUnit, UNIX Korn shell, Oracle SQL Loader, TOAD, Oracle Forms 4.5, iPlanet Web Server, MicroStrategy, PerfView, Clipper, dBase, Pascal, Delphi, Cygwin.


Sydney Systems/Citibank, New York, NY 2/2003 - present
Senior Actuate Administrator/Developer

· Administered database-driven Oracle/Java/C++/VB framework for Actuate development on Citibank’s CitiDirect Online reporting system. Extended framework functionality with additional presentation logic. Installed and configured Actuate 6 on several production servers. Worked closely with Actuate to resolve critical bugs and gain diagnostic patches. Documented existing processes. Analyzed performance in relation to advanced server settings. Developed SQL scripts for rapid analysis of production issues.
· Designed Access 2000 tool to collect web-based documents across 21 servers, and parse into history tables. Tool also executed web URLs into Actuate to verify user view was valid. Also sorted and verified patches being deployed to production. Debugged and solved problems involving multi-language support, RTF and PDF generation, dynamic frame layouts. Setup small lab for off-line Actuate service pack, fix, and release testing.

Arrow Electronics, Inc., Englewood, CO 10/1999–1/2003

· Developed web applications for Arrow’s first intranet using Java and J2EE, which provided opportunities to explore new technologies and design patterns.
· Worked on team that wrote an employee bulletin board, an inventory obsolescence review tool, and a supplier lead-time upload system. Used Business Objects, Data Access Objects, and Value Objects under the 3 tiers of the Model-View-Controller Pattern.
· Completed the inception phase of RUP for a customer contact system, which enabled the estimating committee to make better decisions about the project’s future. Wrote the Vision Document, Use Case Diagram as well as detail, Supplementary Specification, and Class Diagram.
· Used the Facade pattern to isolate Oracle/JDBC stored procedure calls which gave developers a more straight-forward interface with which to access new functionality without having to consider implementation details. This resulted in more rapid adoption of functionality in new projects.
· Developed complex SQL for global inventory price analysis across 6 disparate accounting systems. It identified lowest prices across invoices, sales receipts, inventory value, purchase orders, and sales quotes by volume and part type, then calculated theoretical savings across competing suppliers for equivalent parts. This gave the negotiators a powerful analysis tool for their interactions with suppliers.
· Reduced critical Actuate report generation time from 7 days to less than 14 hours by converting contractor’s design to an experimental design that unioned layered output from full outer joins into a data-laden support table against which several complex reports could be run.
· Developed SQL solutions for other projects, which helped developers who had less knowledge of SQL to reduce Java complexity.
· Developed web-based multi-layer drilling reports in an OOD reporting tool called Actuate. This allowed users from all business tiers to quickly find the product cost information that they were looking for.
· Customized Actuate web portal, set up users and groups, scheduled reports. Scheduled actuate processes for different periods to force long-running batch reports to only be able to run in a fixed night window. This kept short-running reports by end-users from being delayed by the massive resource capitalization by the batch reports.
· Assisted System Administrators with Actuate installation and upgrade. Researched Actuate problems using online user group and worked persistently with Actuate support, NCR, customer support, and Solaris to solved Unix ODBC problems, resulting in Solaris providing a custom kernel fix. Without Unix ODBC, the entire project purpose was in jeopardy.
· Provided report solutions for an Obsolescence Review system that solved complex reporting requirements using Oracle 9i’s Analytical CUBE function to create cross-tab data that was then converted into 3 vertical flows by customer / product / total which each pushed out 3 vertical sub-flows of over-threshold / under-threshold / total. The report allowed the customer to identify over-reserved parts and possible savings by reducing unnecessary reservations.
· Developed high-performance SQL for identifying users meeting boolean search criteria based on LDAP fields. The solution was unique in that it allowed intuitive use by users without having to know how to query the database.
· Identified and created reusable components, which lowered the development time of future projects.
· Created test plans in jUnit 3.8.1 in order to reduce unnecessary QA time.
· Used Java 1.3 & 1.4.1, JSPs and Servlets, WAR Deployment to BEA Weblogic, interfaces and abstraction, Actuate 4 & 6, NetBeans, Eclipse 2.1, TOAD, Oracle 8i/9i, ERWin 4.0, Visual C++ 6.0, Unix, Windows NT.
· Designed, coded, created test plans, tested, debugged, and documented applications.
· Enjoyed assisting development team and sharing knowledge in all phases of development.

CMSI, Englewood, CO 6/1998–10/1999

· Assisted clients in the design of a new Customer Relationship Management Database in Oracle 7.3.4 and ERWin 3.5.2.
· Wrote an extraction and transformation system in Visual Basic that imported call data from a legacy system and merged and normalized with a small Oracle Data Warehouse.
· Generated reports that assisted floor managers to measure callers’ performance.
· Developed scripts in Unix for the automated identification of possible Y2K issues involving C and SQL code, which reduced the time that people were spending going through each file manually.

TermNet Merchant Services, Albuquerque, NM 6/1994–6/1998

· Developed profitable automated debt collection system using Automated Clearing House technology that generated daily cash revenue with minimal cost.
· Converted B-tree legacy systems to Oracle to allow data mining through Access.
· Developed Merchant management system Oracle Forms 4.5.
· Developed automated system for transferring massive legacy data from a live, non-relational system to a relational Oracle system on a nightly basis.
· Maintained and enhanced a 24 x 7 on-line check verification system for Furrs grocery stores. Enhancements reduced connection time and costs.
· Developed a data entry and report management system front end over existing back end, which reduced operator errors.

Mikus & Associates, Albuquerque, NM 1990-1994
Contract Programmer

· Developed a voice mail system in Visual C++ 4.21 for public schools to simplify customization.
· Developed and maintained Visual Basic 3.0/Access/FoxPro Questionnaire Management system.
· Developed and maintained a small sales invoicing and reporting system in Arago.


Technical-Vocational Institute, Albuquerque, NM 1989-1990
Majored in Business Computer Programming.