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    Unanswered: calendar active X blank

    Im using the calendar active X control in access 2000 database on office XP pro with windows XP pro. It works fine.

    When I put the database on a windopws 98 machine running office 2000 (sp3) the calendar control has no numbers in the squares for the dates and doesnt work.

    Any ideas on how I could get this working or on other calendars I could use?


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    i've had a simalar problem but but all that happened to me was that the font shank to an unreadable size, now i haven't tried the following but i may work copy the calendar's files to the office 2000 machine (Back up the other files first)

    the files should me mscal.ocx and mscal32.dll, i'm not sure which is the one you need but moving both shouldn't be a problem
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