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    Unanswered: open oracle with missing .dbf file

    I've searched and found a possible solution:
    mount database...

    alter database datafile 'route_to_dbf\file.DBF' offline drop;

    It informs 'Completed: alter database datafile' but when I open the database it still complains of the "lacking" file and refuses to start.

    Another issue is that the file is there, it was the tablespace for undo. I was trying to reduce the space the file takes, as it was 4Gb of undo for a 1Gb database, and when I didn't find a solution I just created another undo tablespace and relocated the undo filing to that tablespace. Then the db crashed.
    Now I try to start with undo in manual, but fails because of the above.

    Then I tried to exp the tables, but that requires opening, not just mounting...

    What a day ... (see another posting below from me).

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    Reading carefully the log,

    alter database datafile 'D:\ORACLE\ORADATA\ORALUIS\UNDOTBS01.DBF' offline drop
    Mon May 12 18:35:57 2003
    Completed: alter database datafile 'D:\ORACLE\ORADATA\ORALUIS
    Mon May 12 18:45:57 2003
    alter database open
    Mon May 12 18:45:58 2003
    Beginning crash recovery of 1 threads
    Mon May 12 18:45:59 2003
    Started first pass scan
    Mon May 12 18:46:00 2003
    Completed first pass scan
    Mon May 12 18:46:00 2003
    Started recovery at
    Thread 1: logseq 435, block 3, scn 0.0
    Recovery of Online Redo Log: Thread 1 Group 2 Seq 435 Reading mem 0
    Mon May 12 18:46:00 2003
    Ended recovery at
    Thread 1: logseq 435, block 5, scn 0.3906457
    3 data blocks read, 3 data blocks written, 2 redo blocks read
    Crash recovery completed successfully
    Mon May 12 18:46:01 2003
    Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 436
    Thread 1 opened at log sequence 436
    Current log# 3 seq# 436 mem# 0: D:\ORACLE\ORADATA\ORALUIS\REDO03.LOG
    Successful open of redo thread 1.
    Mon May 12 18:46:02 2003
    SMON: enabling cache recovery
    SMON: enabling tx recovery
    Mon May 12 18:46:11 2003
    Errors in file D:\oracle\admin\oraluis\udump\ORA04020.TRC:
    ORA-00376: el archivo 2 no se puede leer en este momento
    ORA-01110: archivo de datos 2: 'D:\ORACLE\ORADATA\ORALUIS\UNDOTBS01.DBF'

    It does a recovery of some blocks, could it be that it is overriding the first alter database offline block? And from where is it taking the redo information if it doesn't find the undo file?

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