I'm am a true novice. I'm trying to add a field to a query that calculates the # of Business Days between 2 dates e.g. Incident Date and Issue Date. (I need this piece of data for each of the records in the query.)It must comprehend holidays. I've read some of the other postings, but am still not able to figure it out. I have created a table that lists my company's holidays (not weekends), but am not sure how I can make use of it.

I am able to make the calculation in Excel using the networkdays function:
=(NETWORKDAYS(Incident Date,Issue Date,Holidays!$A$2:$A$489))-1

I would like to be able to do this in Access so that I don't have to export to Excel to figure this out.

My query results without this field would be:
Issue # Incident Date Issue Date
1 04/17/2003 04/23/2003
2 04/22/2003 04/22/2003
3 04/22/2003 04/28/2003

I would like the results to show the Incident to Issue Time in business days:
Issue # Incident Date Issue Date Incident to Issue Time
1 04/17/2003 04/23/2003 2
2 04/22/2003 04/22/2003 0
3 04/22/2003 04/28/2003 4

Issue # 1 shows 2 days because 4-18 and 4-21 were holidays.

How can this be done in Access? I'd appreciate any help.