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    san jose

    Unanswered: Encryption at the database Field Level

    Hello Everyone

    I need a solution for the following problem ASAP

    SQL 2000 ENT Edition
    Client - Server Application Designed in VB

    I have one filed in one of my tables in a database E.g Credit Card Number. I need this fields to be Encrypted so that no body can see and mis use that information. One option is to change the application and incorporate the encryption logic into the application. Does SQL 2000 Provides some kind of Encryption at a field level? or can i manage this thing at the database level? I desperatelly want to do it at the database level.

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    Hiya mgosavi,

    This is a Sybase newsgroup, you would have better chance of an correct answer in Microsoft SQL Server newsgroup.

    Since you are already here, let me try to sell you something.

    In Sybase ASA 8.0.2 there is built in 128-bit encryption.
    Sybase ASE 12-12.5 can use third party encryption available from Protegrity.


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