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    Unanswered: Error while installing SQL2k sp3 (on Win2k Server) - First Post

    Hi all... I'm new here and maybe u guys/gals can help me out with a little (actually it's pretty big) problem.

    I've searched through this forum, but could not find anything like my problem in here...

    Here's the problem:

    I'm running Win2000 (SP3) server with SQL Server 2000 (Developer Edition).
    I installed all recent hotfixes for Win2K and SQL2K but I didn't make it to install SP3 for SQL Server 2000. This morning I had time to install it and so i tried to.

    The first things of the installing procedure went fine... But when it started to execute the scripts something went horrible wrong... When it was executing script nr. 4 (don't know the name of the script, sorry) it told me it had problem executing this script.

    I then clicked OK and the installation procedure was aborted by the machine, without any messages that could help me get further.

    I then rebooted the machine and tried to install again. When I started to install procedure it checked my authentication (both times I was logged in as administrator) and told me it could not start the procedure because I do not have persmission. Also when I try start the install procedure by using the SA account, it fails.

    Does anybody have any suggestions for meΏ

    THX in advance...

    GRTNGS Tovenaar

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    Check for SQLSTP.LOG for more information and step details during the process.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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    THX for the info, although I just found the solution @ m'soft's website.
    (;en-us;814844 method 2, with the Envir. Var's)

    THX for replying though...

    GRTNGS Tovenaar

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