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    Question Unanswered: issues with rowsources and combos


    Does anybody know how to change the rowsource for a combo box but only for the individual record you are on and not for all records?

    The basic problem I have is that I have two combo boxes, the first controls the source of the 2nd one - in the onchange event. However, this seems to effect all records, so that when I change the 1st combo for the first record it correctly alters the record source of the 2nd combo.
    But when I now go to the second record, and change the 1st combo there, it automatically clears the contents of the 2nd combo for the 1st record.

    Any help much appreciated!


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    What you have is actually a visual effect.

    The source is changed OK, but your combo box is bound to a field that has a value which is not returned by the row source.

    And you have a continuous form.

    You can only accomplish what you want in a single form, not a continuous one...

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