Hi Everybody,

I am still struggling with my DB.

(Check out this link for full story http://dbforums.com/t721798.html)

I have managed to get the 'OpenSaveFile' to work in my db but I have major problems getting it to work as a Subform.

I have the MainForm called 'frmMainMenu' in which I have a subform called 'frmHistory'. Those two forms are linked via the 'CompID' which is in text format and the 'HistID' which is also in text format.

Within the 'frmHistory' I have created another subform with the 'OpenSaveFile'. They are linked via 'Hkey' which is an Autonumber and the 'FileID' which is in Number format.

This is how it should work:
1. One company creates multiple history data. - this works fine -

2. To every history data you attach multiple files via 'OpenSaveFile'.
- This is the part that doesn't work. What happens is that the files attached stay the same for all other History records. Meaning, if I attach a file for History record '01' it stays the same for '02' etc.......
I do not seem to be able to link the relevant files to the specific History Data.

Any thoughts? It is driving be crazy!?

Thx in advance