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    Question Unanswered: MYSQL and VB6 front end programming

    I have a database that I am creating from an extract off of a VAX / VMS system that has fairly small records ~200 char, 8 or so fields, but about 5 million of them. I have created a test database which I have gotten VB to successfully "see" and do simple adds and edits.

    The application I am developing is a microfiche index for other data. I have created a database in VB6 which is interfaced by an ODBC connection in VB6 (I've gotten all that to work fine). My end goal is to query by name or a numeric field then display results for that query of what fiche the data is on. This should display a list of records that can be browsed. It seems I can get a query to run (doesn't error), but I don't know how to display the results. I want this to create a temporary table (or something) that the user can parse through to find the correct match record by record.

    If anyone knows of example code I could look at to figure out what I'm doing I'd appreciate it. I'm a little new (and not very good at) programming in vb6, so bear with me.



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    I use VB6-ADO to create frontends to myISAM tables, using myODBC. I display query results in MSHFlexGrids, on a results forms. I attempt to limit the number and order of records by giving the general user standardized queries, and giving the advanced user with a list of elements that can be combined to create their queries.

    Contact me at and we can work on specific problems, if you wish.

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