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    Unanswered: Making to databases work together

    Hi at the moment
    Im trying to make 2 databased work together

    The realtionship will only 1 field which is a name
    On the one d.base it has various names of people (This is the main one)

    The other on has a letter type information on, all that needs to change is the name which has its own field

    So say Im on Mr X is record when I go a button "letter" it opens the other d.base and has the name in the field

    I have recreated a buttom which opens the database but i need the name of the meain d.base to show up in the other d.base

    Please can anybody help me

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    Re: Making to databases work together

    You need a realative field in this case i think its the name field.
    Create a relationship from the name database to the letter database.

    The button should be "go to related records" with "show only related records" checked off.

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