Hello everyone,

Thanks for taking the time and sharing your experience.

a: I have attached the database.
b: Please open frmgroups
c: Click on "Click here for Plan Matrix"
d: I am getting an error message
e. my goal is to pull up the form called "frmPlanMatrix"
f: form should be pulled by ga_record_id_2
h: If "GA_Record_ID_2" does not exist in the tblPlanMatrix then It will
create one record with the "GA_Record_ID_2 " id
g: if "GA_Record_ID_2" exist in the "tblPlanMatrix", then the system
should only pull the correct record "GA_Record_ID_2".
i: How do i put a drop down box from another table which reflects
the true value in the tbl_groups. or change it.

Thank you very very much.
Dianna Michelle