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    the beginning 2


    I want to create my own database, just a noob in this shit, trying to learn, coz i want to.

    My first design or do u call the something else ???

    Building a cheat database

    What i need is the cheat must be displayed by his catergory(nitendo/gamecube/ps/ps2/pc)

    must be displayed by name (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,.........)
    must be displayed by the date it was posted
    must be displayed the cheat of course.

    Maybe more ????

    Can somebody help where i have to start ?????

    i am using mysql and php on a debian linux server, need more info, just ask ??

    ps i cant reply my own topic

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    Hi Bullet,

    I appreciate your desire to learn, but I think you must really start with some reading and general learning about databases, before you can even ask focused questions. General questions are impossible to answer without a lot of back-and-forth dialog to understand what you know, what your logical requirements are, and where to even start giving you information.

    Try reading the MySQL and PHP tutorials at and you will have a start to understanding this. Also, check out the following resources:

    - (Surviving SQL)
    - Database Design for Mere Mortals (Hernandez -- book)
    - (PHP-based MySQL admin system)

    In other words, you need to start by building some generalized knowledge of databases before you can ask intelligent questions. And, the best questions happen after you have tried something, not before. Try starting a database, even something really simple, and if/when things don't work according to plan, then come back, post your design here, and you will find some help .

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    THANK YOU, i was searching for any good tutorial, maybe its one of this

    I will try making shot for my own, only dont had a clue to begin, hope these turorials will help

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